Robbery victims feared being thrown into river

Two young men who were attacked and robbed in Cork City centre were terrified of being thrown into the river and yesterday one of the attackers was jailed for two years.

Scott Roe, aged 20, who was living at a flat on Watercourse Rd, Cork, at the time, used his soccer skills to do sliding tackles on the victims to bring them to the ground as they ran or walked away.

Roe admitted carrying out three robberies in the city. Two of the victims found themselves standing by railings beside the river fearing they were about to be thrown into the water.

Referring to one of the victims, Judge Patrick J Moran said: “He was terrified he was going to be thrown into the river. He was threatened he was going to be stabbed.

“Three men were out minding their own business were attacked by you.

“I have to impose a custodial sentence. In so far as the incidents on Jan 10 are concerned, I impose a sentence of two years. In so far as incident of Jan 23, I will impose one-year consecutive. I will suspend the last year of the three-year sentence.”

The first two robberies were carried out at Rutland St and Grafton St in Cork on Jan 10, 2012.

Detective Garda Neil Walsh outlined the background to the two events.

The first incident occurred as a chef in his 30s was walking home from a night shift to his home on Barrack St, Cork.

As he crossed the footbridge from Morrisson’s Island to George’s Quay he noticed four men on the bridge. He thought about turning back but he decided to walk across. As he passed the men he was punched three times in the head.

“He held on to the railing. He nearly fell in the river. He thought he was going to end up in the river,” said Det Garda Walsh.

He managed to run away but was tripped by Roe who used a sliding tackle and then repeatedly kicked the victim in the ribs. €60 in cash was robbed from him on Rutland St and the four attackers left the scene.

Roe struck again at Grafton St, a narrow lane between Oliver Plunkett St and South Mall where he asked a student if he wanted to go down the lane for a smoke. Three others followed and they attacked the student.

He resisted but he was told he would be stabbed. This injured party was robbed of a €300 phone, a €270 watch, and €15 in cash.

The third incident happened as a student was walking at Morrison’s Island on Jan 23, 2012, when Roe tackled him to the ground. The victim heard the attacker shout, “give me all you’ve got”.

He had €7.50 in coins. His jacket was pulled over his head and he was struck three times by Roe who also threatened to stab him.

The injured party said he would give Roe his phone. When the attacker stood back for a moment, the victim made a run for it.


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