Rise in money given to charity: survey

The reported upturn in the economy may have led to a rise in the amount of donations to charities by individuals and businesses.

The increases across the board for all charities are revealed in a survey, just released. The 2014 Fundraising Ireland survey found charities saw increases in Christmas donations in 2014 compared to 2013.

Income from the public was up 10% on average on the previous year and a 12% recorded rise in corporate donations.

Fundraising Ireland said the finding tallies with improvements in donations reflected in a separate earlier survey of what donors themselves said they gave.

Irish charities reported they raised on average €1.8m through all fundraising efforts over 2014, up 6% in the year.

However, Anne Hanniffy, CEO of Fundraising Ireland, said there was an enormous variation in numbers and amounts raised across the 55 charities surveyed by Amárach Research.

The identities of the charities involved in the survey will not be disclosed, so it is unclear as to what affect, if any, major fundraising events such as Daffodil Day or the Ice Bucket Challenge, for example, may have had on that average figure.

“We appear to be at an important turning point in the economy and perhaps in the national culture or attitude in relation to charities and donations,” Ms Hanniffy said.

“This is very encouraging and it is also something that we as a sector must continue to foster and improve upon. Fundraising is a serious business. It has to be because there are so many people relying on it for vital supports and services,” she said.

According to the survey’s findings, the increase in public donations is partly due to a rise in the separate donations received by organisations at Christmas, which was up an average 2,400 donations compared to 2,000 over the same period in 2013.

Income from trusts, a small part of the total Christmas appeal income in Ireland, was also up in 2014, from an average of €18,000 to €23,000.

Of the 55 charities surveyed, 44 (80%) said they received corporate donations and 96% said that they received donations from the public during the Christmas appeal period.

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