Revenue sure of compliance on property tax

Revenue says this year's property tax compliance rate will be in line with previous years.

The rate slipped to 87% at the end of April, a 10% reduction on last year. However, latest statistics show it had risen to 90% by the end of May.

The compliance rate is measured at a point in time and calculated on an expected register of 1.95m properties.

“Revenue is satisfied that the compliance rate for local property tax for 2016 will be in line with previous years,” said a spokesperson yesterday.

Earlier this year tax, officials sent thousands of compliance letters to homeowners who have failed to pay their property tax this year.

However, suggestions that the water-charge protests had prompted a new move for people to stop paying their property tax were dismissed by Revenue.

Revenue wrote to 170,000 property owners between March and April this year urging them to pay the tax as soon as possible to avoid enforcement action.

This year Revenue referred more than 400 cases to the State’s solicitors and sheriffs, with 157 escalated to full enforcement, with goods, cash or property to the value of the tax owed, seized.

Revenue refused tax clearance certificates for 23,800 people for non-payment of the tax since its introduction.

Revenue said most of the cases had been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of itself and the taxpayer involved and the tax clearance restored.

Revenue continued to deduct the tax at source for this year from 49,267 property owners. Last April it issued over 13,000 additional tax deduction instructions to employers and pension companies.

More than 10,200 valuations were increased — a combination of self-correction and Revenue challenges.

This year 11 local authorities varied the rate of property tax covering almost 1m properties.

The variations are expected to result in a €25m reduction in the tax yield.

Revenue expects to receive around 43,700 claims for exemptions and 28,600 claims for deferral this year.


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