Revenue may seize assets for unpaid home tax

Property tax protest

In the region of 400 householders face having their assets seized for failure to pay the property tax as part of the latest Revenue enforcement drive.

A further 38,000 employees will have the tax taken out of their salary, while almost 12,000 self-employed people were refused tax clearance certificates, the Revenue revealed yesterday.

Last year, the tax brought in €318m, and €385m has been paid so far this year.

“There have been approximately 400 referrals to Sheriffs and more than 5,000 valuations have been increased arising from a combination of self-correction and Revenue challenges,” said a Revenue spokeswoman.

As the pay-and-file season for Local Property Tax 2015 is about to begin, the spokeswoman said the Revenue would shortly begin writing to around 1m residential property owners to give them the opportunity to decide how and when they want to pay their LPT.

“We will not be writing to anyone who has opted to pay the tax by deduction at source or by direct debit and will roll over existing payment arrangements,” she added.

According to the latest Revenue figures, there was a 95% compliance in respect of the property tax last year, and the compliance so far this year was 94%.

The Revenue has also made 29,500 mandatory deductions from wage and pensions for 2013 LPT, and 38,300 for 2014.

It has refused 11,962 tax clearance requests, and has applied 13,639 income-tax surcharges in relation to companies and the self-employed.

Fourteen local authorities have decided to reduce the rate of LPT for their administrative area, resulting in six different rates of LPT for each property value band.

Revenue advises there is no need to apply for the reduction as it will be making the changes automatically.

“Because county boundaries and postal addresses are not always aligned, there will be cases where the LPT charge is incorrect, and a dedicated team will be available to handle these cases,” said the Revenue spokeswoman.

The range of payment options available means that property owners can choose when and how to pay LPT according to their own preferences and circumstances. Property owners can also apply to defer the tax.

Anyone wishing to avail of a phased payment option such as direct debit, salary or pension deduction, or regular cash payments through a payment service provider will need to tell Revenue by November 25.

Single payments by debit or credit card or cheque must be made by January 7. Any payment made before that date will be taken immediately, while those who opt to pay by single debit authority will not have their account debited until March 21.



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