Retirement home burglar to plead guilty

A burglar who targeted a retirement home for Presentation Brothers has indicated, through his solicitor, that he would be pleading guilty to the crime.

John O’Shea, aged 52, of no fixed address, appeared by video link from prison at Cork District Court yesterday.

Inspector Brian O’Donovan said directions in the case were awaited from the DPP.

Diarmuid Kelleher, the defendant’s solicitor, said: “Mr O’Shea wants me to indicate he will be pleading guilty in this matter.”

Judge David Waters remanded the accused in custody for a fortnight to allow time for the DPP directions.

O’Shea was arrested and brought before Cork District Court originally on a charge of carrying out a burglary on April 19 at Presentation Brothers, Maiville Terrace, Evergreen Rd, Turner’s Cross, Cork.

At that time, Det Garda Stephen Fuller testified the intruder startled a woman working in the kitchen and she reacted by tearing the pocket from his jacket causing him to drop his phone as he fled.

The detective said that this phone was examined by gardaí and photographs of John O’Shea were found on the phone.

The detective objected to bail being granted to O’Shea in April on grounds including the seriousness of the alleged offence and garda fears that the accused would carry out similar offences in the future.

O’Shea said: “I just broke out on the drink on Easter Sunday. I was perfect before that.

“I have a lot going on. Sometimes I am not able to cope.”

Mr Kelleher said O’Shea had no history of violence.

He said the woman who encountered him in the kitchen of the premises tried to hold on to him and tore off the pocket of his jacket as he tried to get away.

Det Garda Fuller stated: “He twisted her arm to make good his escape.”

When he was gone and the gardaí arrived, it turned out that his phone had come out of his pocket in the course of the incident.

Det Garda Fuller said he clearly identified the accused from photographs on the phone.


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