Repairs to start on flood-breached quay walls

REPAIRS to two major flood breaches in Cork city’s quay walls will begin before the end of the year.

City manager Tim Lucey has confirmed that tenders for the work to repair the walls at Sunday’s Well and at Grenville Place near the Mercy University Hospital will be invited before the end of the year. It is hoped the work will be completed by the middle of next year.

The quay walls in both locations were breached during the devastating flood of November 19 last when millions of gallons of water were released from the ESB dam at Inniscarra.

Engineers shored up the holes using vast quantities of rubble and rock armour and both damaged sections have been cordoned off since.

Cllr Tony Fitzgerald (FF) questioned Mr Lucey on the issue at Monday’s council meeting.

He said it was imperative the repairs are carried out urgently.

Mr Lucey said funding will be drawn down in arrears as expenditure on the repairs is incurred.

He said tenders will be invited soon and that the council expects the funding will be sufficient to carry out the necessary work.

The city manager said he hoped repair works will start before the end of the year and will be completed by mid-2011.

Meanwhile, Mr Lucey has given assurances that remedial works on the river in Blackpool are due to get under way soon to minimise flood risk.

The city village was hit by a flash flood in January when heavy rain and debris in the river, combined with the partial erosion of a section of river bank, caused the river to overflow.

Cllr Patricia Gosch (FG) asked for details on what work has been done in the area to ensure there is no repeat of flooding.

Mr Lucey said remedial works to repair the erosion of a section of river bank next to the pedestrian bridge into Orchard Court will begin soon.

“The completion of the bank repair will bring the river channel back to the status of early 2009.”


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