‘Quiet, inoffensive man’ remembered at Dooley funeral

The remains of Thomas Dooley being removed from St Mary's Church, Edenderry, Co Offaly. Picture: James Flynn/APX

Mourners who gathered in “sadness, shock, and revulsion” for the funeral of a murdered Co Offaly man were asked to check in on elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

The funeral mass for Thomas ‘Toddy’ Dooley, 64, at St Mary’s Church in Edenderry, began with the lighting of a candle in memory of the three people murdered last weekend.

Mr Dooley’s body was discovered at his home in Sister Senan Court, Edenderry, on Sunday afternoon. He had suffered head and upper body trauma and his body may have been at the house for a number of days.

“As we gather united in shock and sorrow we remember the two other murder victims last weekend just over in Portarlington and in Dublin. We remember and pray for them as well with Thomas,” said Fr Greg Corcoran.

Describing Mr Dooley as a “quiet and inoffensive man” he said Mr Dooley’s life would not be defined by the manner in which he died.

He was a good neighbour who was commonly seen selling tickets around the town, or when his mother was alive, pushing her around Edenderry in a wheelchair.

Mr Dooley had made his funeral arrangements some time ago, opting for a simple service. His pleasures in life were reflected in the gifts presented by his family. They brought a chessboard for the gifted player, a sod of turf for his love of the bog, and a pack of cards.

“For such violence to come to Thomas and his family, to Sister Senan Court or avenue, or to Edenderry in general is frightening.

“It is something we see on television but not in our everyday lives,” Fr Corcoran remarked.

“We pray for all who may feel lonely or afraid because of this. If we could take the time and drop in for a minute to support the elderly or those living alone or the vulnerable it would be very important and an act of great kindness,” he said.

Prayers were said for the gardaí and for Mr Dooley’s family, his wife Marian, son Thomas, daughters Janet and Patricia, sisters Ann, Kathleen, Rose, Bridget, and Cora and brothers Seán and Michael.

Following the Mass, Mr Dooley’s remains were carried from St Mary’s Church to St Mary’s Cemetery where he was laid to rest.


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