Publicists urge Taylor to quickly cash in on win

Katie Taylor has a limited time to cash in on her success in winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

According to CEO of M&C, Saatchi Steve Martin, Ireland’s latest gold medal winner needs to act fast before the world’s media and companies move on to the next sport and next star.

“There are commercial opportunities out there for her to take benefit of and what she needs to do, I would suggest, is make sure she has a very good agent on side, and probably a good PR person sitting alongside her.

“The reason there is a time factor is that there are so many other sports and as soon as the Olympics ends, the football season starts, the rugby season starts and we don’t want to forget the Olympics has been such a success so that’s why she needs to capitalise quickly,” he said.

Mr Martin said that, unlike Team GB, Ireland to date has just one gold medal and her sport made her even more attractive to certain brands.

“The nature of her sport, it’s not just about hitting people in the face and the body. The physical benefits of training for boxing and the health and diet elements of it in terms of her training and performance make her appeal to so many different brands, so many different categories,” he said.

High-profile British publicist Max Clifford agreed and said that it would be “very, very easy for her to set herself up for life in the next four years” and compared her to British cycling star Chris Hoy.

“She’s an Olympic Champion now. I remember when Chris Hoy came to me four years ago after winning gold in Beijing and certainly cycling wasn’t one of our most popular sports. He’s had an amazing four years since then,” he said.

The publicist said Katie had all the ingredients to make a marketer’s dream.

“We like our heroes, our champions to be modest and I’m told she is. We like our heroes to be unassuming, nice people and I’m told she is. She’s an attractive girl and she’s Olympic champion. You put those combinations together and you can see why she could achieve an awful lot depending on what she wants to achieve. The important thing is that Katie does what she wants to do and is true to herself and fulfils herself in a way that’s best for her,” he said.

Michael O’Keeffe, managing director of Pembroke Communications, believes the gold medallist could outstrip stars like Brian O’Driscoll and Rory McIlroy in terms of popularity.

“49.2% of Irish people ranked her as our greatest female sports star in 2011. I can safely predict that when we do the research again she will likely be the number one sports star overall. I have never seen an athlete or sports star so genuinely loved and she is extremely marketable to put it mildly,” he said.

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