Property tax nets 300m for State

The Revenue has raked in more than 300m in property tax and a further 10.5m in household charges so far this year.

It has also issued a dire warning to those still refusing to pay either charge and has already begun enforcement proceedings against those still in arrears.

According to figures released yesterday, the compliance rate for payment of property tax reached 95% in 2013last year and is 94% this year. Up to the end of June 2014, Revenue collected 310m in respect of local property tax (LPT) and household charge (HHC), 10.5m.

Both were 3.5% ahead of target. Since Revenue took over responsibility for household charge collection, a total of 25m in arrears has been paid and an additional 205,000 properties are now compliant.

Revenue has now moved to debt collection and enforcement action against those who still refuse to pay their household charge or property tax.

Over 250,000 compliance letters have issued in total for 2013 and 2014 local property tax (LPT). For those taxed through the PAYE system, 40,000 mandatory deductions from wages/pensions were implemented for 2013 local property tax (LPT), 46,000 for 2014 local property tax (LPT) and 61,000 in respect of household charge (HHC) arrears.

In a statement, Revenue said that 7,300 deferrals in respect of household charge (HHC) were applied, the majority for those with Department of Social Protection income only.

“In relation to the self-employed and companies, nearly 9,600 tax clearance certificates were refused and over 12,200 income tax surcharges were applied.

“Enforcement action letters are also issuing to property owners taxed under the self-assessment system.

“The letter informs the property owner that the outstanding liabilities will be referred to Sheriffs or solicitors for collection or will be the subject of attachment orders unless payment is immediately received.

“In addition, the property owner will be liable to pay the sheriff’s costs which will increase the overall liability by something in the region of 10% of the amount due.”


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