Promising jockey died from crush

The death of a promising young jockey was recalled yesterday at an inquest in Limerick.

Ryan Cusack, from Mlltown, Murroe, died from injuries he received while working at the training yard of trainer Enda Bolger at Howardstown, Co Limerick.

He was involved in a fall from a tractor and trailer on February 21, 2014, days short of his 18th birthday.

Some weeks previously he had celebrated getting his first rides for JP McManus. Garda ‘Deano’ Wilkinson of Hospital garda station said he received a call about an accident at Howardstown at around 11.45am. On getting to the scene ambulance personnel were performing CPR on Ryan.

He was informed that Ryan Cusack had fallen from the draw bar of a tractor and trailer and that the back wheel of the trailer had gone over him. A doctor was called and she pronounced Ryan dead at the scene.

Enda Bolger said he was at his training yard that day and they had up to 12 riders riding out. They finished riding out at around 11am and he asked Pat Murphy to clean up some branches from the front lawn of the house, where a tree surgeon had been working.

Some time later when he was in the house he got a call to say Ryan had fallen from a trailer and was in a bad way. His wife Shanny called an ambulance.

Patrick Murphy said after mucking out stables he harrowed the gallop. He went for tea at around 10am and later Enda asked him to clean up branches.

After he started his work, Ryan and another lad joined to help. He did not ask them, and assumed they had been asked by management to help him.

As he drove a load of branches from the lawn, one of the lads joined him on the tractor and Ryan Cusack stood on the draw bar of the tractor and trailer. He felt a bump and on stopping discovered that Ryan had fallen. He was lying face down and had a mobile phone in his hand. He immediately raised the alarm.

A verdict in accordance with medical evidence that Ryan Cusack died from multiple heart and liver crush injuries was recorded by coroner Dr Tony Casey.


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