Probation for stuffing fingers up garda’s nose

A garda had two fingers stuffed up his nose as he was caught in a headlock by a motorist, and yesterday the accused was put on a 12-month probation bond.

Judge Leo Malone read a very positive probation report on the 35-year-old defendant and said that he was prepared to accept the recommendation of the probation officer.

Farmer Denis O’Mahoney, of Ballycondon, Lackaroe, Youghal, Co Cork, was then put on the bond to abide by the directions of the probation service for the next 12 months. No further sanction was imposed.

The accused had no previous convictions and pleaded guilty to assaulting the garda and other charges.

Defence solicitor, Joseph Cuthbert, said the accused had been drinking in a number of pubs in Corkand had suffered from a schizophrenic disorder and the combination of this and the alcohol was lethal.

He has not been drinking since the incident almost a year ago and was shocked and upset to be in this situation, Mr Cuthbert said.

Insp Eileen Foster previously said the incident occurred at 3.30am on May 10, 2015, when gardaí observed a car causing a blockage at the junction of Patrick St and St Peter’s and St Paul’s St.

As gardaí were arranging to have the car removed, Mr O’Mahoney, the registered owner, arrived in a highly intoxicated condition.

Insp Foster said he was informed that his car was being seized. He responded in a highly agitated manner and shouted: “If you are taking my car, I am going to punch the face off you.”

He struck out, hitting a garda on the shoulder. He was warned that he would be pepper-sprayed and when this became necessary, it appeared to have no effect.

He was then warned he would he would be struck with a baton if he did not desist in his aggressive behaviour and ended up being struck on the leg and arm, again to no effect.

He caught Garda Francis O’Riordan around the neck in a headlock and stuck two fingers up the guard’s nose.


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