Pro-life TDs warned over legislation

Pro-choice members of the Independent Alliance have warned pro-life TDs and senators not to block the 12-week abortion access legislation if there is a yes vote on Friday, saying to do so would ignore the public’s wishes and be “absolutely wrong”.

Transport Minister Shane Ross, Skills Minister John Halligan, and Disabilities Minister Finian McGrath insisted blocking the legislation would be standing in the way of democracy.

During a 20-minute canvass on Grafton St in Dublin city centre, Mr Ross and Mr Halligan said the 12-weeks legislation must pass.

Asked about concerns pro-life politicians may drag their feet on the proposed law, Mr Ross said:

“If anybody was to try and filibuster this legislation it would be really terribly irresponsible. It’s very serious legislation and the idea it would be delayed deliberately would be absolutely wrong.”

Mr Halligan added: “Are they saying they will not uphold the wishes of the people? I think that would be difficult.”

At the canvass, the ministers largely received yes votes promises, though Mr McGrath was told by a middle-aged no voter woman that a foetus is “called a child”. Mr McGrath also repeated his view there will a 60:40 yes result.

“That was my prediction a month ago, I think that will be the final result,” he said.

“I know people have been saying in recent days there has been a swing and a lot of people were labelling the don’t know voters as no voters, but I just know from my own experience over the last few days and even from being out here today, there’s a lot of silent yes voters out there,” he added.


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