Postman Michael predicts white Christmas in many parts of country

Ireland’s most famous amateur weatherman has predicted a white Christmas for many areas.

Postman Michael Gallagher is famous for his forecasts through studying the behaviour of plants and animals.

While Met Éireann says there is little sign of snow, the Co Donegal weather-watcher says all the signs are that we are in for a white festive season.

Michael said he is even pulling his skis out of cold storage, so confident is he of snow in December.

“All the indications and signs are that we will have a lot of snow in December and we could well have a white Christmas,” he said.

“There is an orange glow from the sun that old people used to always associate with heavy falls of snow. Not just that but the bushes are heavily laden with berries for birds to feed on during the cold weather.

“It may not be as cold as the very harsh winter of 2011 but we’re definitely in for snow and very possibly at Christmas.”

Michael still gathers knowledge and information from old people on his postal round in the hills of Glenfin in Donegal.

He famously cost bookmaker Paddy Power more than €70,000 when they paid out early on a white Christmas which he predicted some years back.

Michael, whose book, Traditional Weather Signs, is a bestseller, said he hoped to get out on the hills of Donegal to use skis which a Norwegian friend gave him as a present.

Cold air from the north will descend on the country on Monday, with the potential for significant snow falls on Wednesday, says Irish Weather Online.

Met Éireann forecasters, however, do not guarantee snow, but are predicting a “very cold” week with some “wintry showers”.


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