Taxpayer can’t afford luxury of 9am breakfast

FOR the vast majority of families, the luxury of having breakfast just before 9am is just that — a luxury.

Much of the anger over Brian Cowen’s performance on Morning Ireland was centred on the realisation that while the vast majority of us were well into our day, the Taoiseach was not fully functioning at 8.50am.

The reality for the average taxpayer is far different. For family man, farmer and sales rep at Munster AI, Joe Tobin, his day starts well before 5am.

“First I have to send SMS messages to confirm appointments and meetings for the day, then I spend about an hour and a half on the farm milking.

“I leave after 8am and drive to Mallow to meet clients for about 9am. I meet between 5pm and 8pm each day, depending on the time of year. Then I might finish up and be back on the road.

“The farm has to be looked after then, but I do have workers on the farm to help with the milking in the evenings. I work five days a week for the company, but the farm still needs to be looked after seven days a week.”

Mr Tobin says by having reliable help on the farm, he can take every second weekend off to socialise and for family time.

“I do get to enjoy myself and socialise, it is not difficult to do — the key is to be well organised and to have a good team behind you.” RADIO GA GA: Listeners vent their opinions

WHAT the public said — a selection of comments texted and emailed to RTÉ, Newstalk and Today FM.

* “He is a joke and he doesn’t care.”

* “Substance? It sounds like our leader knows too much about one substance.”

* “Nasal congestion? What a joke.”

* “What an insult to my intelligence. Brian Cowen was drunk. Let’s call a spade a spade.”

* “People need to get a life and the media need to get decent material to cover.”

* “The office of Taoiseach has been shown the highest of disrespect by its present incumbent.”

* “Put the pitchforks away. Can you not see how pathetic all of this is?”

* “I would love to have been out last night but I could not afford it.”

* “There is no reason, in the mess we are in, to be out carousing. Letting your hair down while the country goes to the dogs.”

* “It’s a stupid, petty story to spent time on.”

* “This is a bit like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. We need a leader to inspire us not to embarrass us.”

* “At least Boris Yeltsin had the sense to stay on the plane.”

* “Why don’t you let the man have a drink? Since when have we become such a stuck-up nation?”

* “It’s nice to know that the Taoiseach is devoting all his energies to the job.”

* “He would not be human if didn’t have a night out given the pressure he has been under the last few months.”

* “If an employee arrived into their workplace this morning to make a very important presentation, they would be fired on the spot for that performance.”

* “I am embarrassed to think that Brian Cowen is my Taoiseach. He is devoid of decorum. He is uncouth. He is a thundering disgrace.”

* “If the Taoiseach of the country is not up for breakfast at ten to nine in the morning, we have no hope.”

* “I now know what the people felt like on the Titanic as it sank.”

* “We got a taste of Fianna Fáil drinking at the last chance saloon. The people must call time.”

* “Disgraceful media slagging.”


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