‘Party time Taoiseach’ hits headlines around the globe

COLUMN inches about our “party time Taoiseach” and “Fianna Fáil’s late night carousing” hit the headlines around the world following Brian Cowen’s infamous radio interview.

The New York Daily News ran its coverage under the headline “Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen denies he was drunk during radio interview”.

“Fianna Fáil is currently holding a conference in Galway, fueling rumors that late-night carousing led to Cowen’s lethargic on-air talk,” it reported.

Fox Business’s headline “Hangover talk hounds Ireland’s PM” topped a story in which it said “controversy over Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen’s alcohol consumption overshadowed his efforts on Tuesday to reassure colleagues and voters that he is tackling the country’s financial woes”.

“Renowned for his gruff public persona, Cowen traditionally lets his hair down at the annual conference with ballad songs and pints of beer into the small hours,” it said. “But headlines about a party-time Taoiseach are the last thing the government needs as it seeks to squeeze more cutbacks out of a badly stretched electorate and convince investors that Ireland is not on the rocks.”

On its website, the Wall Street Journal ran a story “Irish Prime Minister Denies Being Hung Over On Radio”.

“Cowen was heard on state broadcaster RTE’s flagship news program Morning Ireland sounding hoarse, groggy, sometimes slurring his words and, on occasion, momentarily mixing up answers to the questions,” it reported.

The Huffington Post reported that Mr Cowen “often offered vague, semi-coherent answers to questions on Ireland’s battle to save its banks and reverse its deficit”.

“Cowen’s Fianna Fáil party has a shaky parliamentary majority,” it said.

Others such as the BBC ran straightforward stories reporting the facts which emerged during the day yesterday.


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