Greens let grass grow on website

THE Greens may finally be in Government, but it appears some within their own party do not realise it.

The result of the Greens doing their historic deal with Fianna Fáil and entering coalition was that party leader John Gormley became Environment Minister and Eamon Ryan was appointed Communications Minister.

But some within party headquarters missed those developments, at least if the Greens’ website is anything to go by.

Visitors to the website who click upon the profiles of Mr Gormley or Mr Ryan will be surprised to learn that they are, apparently, still in opposition.

Of Mr Ryan, the website states: “He is opposition convener on the Joint Oireachtas Committee for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources and is party spokesperson in this area as well as for transport, and enterprise, trade and employment.”

Of Mr Gormley, the website states: “He has held many positions in the Green Party including campaign director for the successful anti-smog campaign in the 1980s. He is currently spokesperson on foreign affairs, defence and health and children. He is a member of Earthwatch, Amnesty International and the Chartered Institute of Water Management. John had the distinction of being the first elected representative in Ireland to have an email address”

Of course, Mr Gormley now has the distinction of being a Government minister, but one assumes the Greens will eventually update their website — perhaps in time for the next General Election in 2012?

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