Coalition councillors set to vote no in referendum

A number of government party councillors have serious misgivings about the fiscal treaty referendum, with some set to vote no.

Coalition partners Fine Gael and Labour are calling for a yes vote, arguing the treaty is essential for economic stability. However, several of Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore’s own councillors have voiced reservations about it.

The councillors told the Irish Examiner of their concerns, with some suggesting it should be scrapped.

Labour’s Colette Connolly said: “I won’t be voting for the treaty. It’s anti-democratic. They shouldn’t put issues about the Constitution to the people and say ‘if you don’t support this, you’ll be punished’.

“I think many people in the Labour Party share my view. There are certain councillors in Labour that wouldn’t be in favour.”

Galway’s deputy lord mayor said the wording of the treaty was “appalling” and difficult for people to read.

Others are also refusing to canvass for the treaty and say it should be scrapped.

Her party colleague, councillor Cian O’Callaghan, said: “I hope it might be scrapped and a better model sought.”


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