Baby chair recall over collapse risk

IKEA has been forced to recall a brand of baby’s high chair after it emerged they are at risk of collapsing while the child is in them.

The Swedish furniture giant said it wants customers who have a Leopard children’s high chair to stop using it immediately and bring the seat and frame back to the exchange and returns department at any IKEA store to receive a refund.

“Snap locks that secure the seat to the frame can break, making it possible for the seat to drop through the frame,” a spokesman said.

“Children can suffer injury to the head and other parts of the body from falls. Detached snap locks pose a choking hazard to children.”

IKEA said it had received 11 reports of broken snap locks, including one incident where the seat dropped through the frame leaving the child with bruised legs.

In a second incident a detached snap lock was found in a child’s mouth but was removed before the infant could choke on it.

Earlier this year, MacLaren announced that a million folding pushchairs in the US were being recalled after reports that 12 children lost their fingertips when they were caught in hinges. The company was criticised for not ordering a recall in Ireland where the products were on sale.


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