Plea for size 21 rugby boots

A Welsh rugby player has been forced out of playing because he can’t find boots big enough for his huge feet — and his club is appealing for help.

Carl Griffiths, aged 22, is 6ft 8in tall and has size 21 feet. He was forced to play rugby in a pair of boots that were three sizes too small —at size 18 — but they’ve fallen apart, and now he can’t play with his local team because he can’t find boots to fit him.

The club really want their player back, he’s very handy for lineouts apparently, and are appealing for help to get Carl new boots.

The cause has been picked up by rugby fans and news outlets around the UK, who are appealing to sports companies to find or make boots for him.

One sports chain quoted him €380 for a custom-made pair, but he’s hoping to find something more affordable for his 14 and half inch feet. The average size for a man’s shoes is size 9.

Carl made a video three years ago explaining what life is like when you are too big for your boots.

“At least when you have an injury, you know you just can’t play for a while,” he said. “But when I’m out just because of not having shoes that fit, it’s just really frustrating. I just want to play rugby.

“I’ve had some boots in size 18 and I wore them with my toes curled right up, but I broke a toe when someone stepped on it.”

“The boots I have had haven’t really fit properly for a long time.

“I’ve played a few games with broken boots taped up over the holes, and I’ve been doing some of the training sessions wearing my normal trainers, but I end up spending more time on the floor than I do in the game.

“All the boot companies we’ve asked say they just don’t make them that big.

“I did get a quote from one company to specially make me a pair, but it would cost well over €380.

“I have had times when I’ve had to take time out from rugby before and tried other sports, but it’s rugby that I really want to play.”


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