Phonewatch urges awareness about carbon monoxide alarms

It is invisible to the naked eye — tasteless, colourless, and odourless — with the ability to slip under the radar of the human senses.

It is fast-acting and just a few minutes under its spell can have life-threatening consequences.

As Carbon Monoxide Week 2015 gets underway, PhoneWatch is urging householders to review their protection against the gas.

A survey examined 1,000 household’s attitudes and behaviours towards protection against carbon monoxide (Co2) poisoning.

It found that although four in ten residents were more aware of the risk of Co2 poisoning, only 43% had Co2 alarms installed in their homes. Additionally 13% of those surveyed were unaware of the causes of the so-called ‘silent killer’.

The managing director of PhoneWatch, Eoin Dunne, warned people of the symptoms associated with Co2 poisoning and said they can be similar to those caused by a cold or flu.

They include unexplained headaches, chest pains, or muscular weakness; sickness, diarrhoea, or stomach pains and sudden dizziness.

“Carbon monoxide can often go undetected leaving its victims disorientated, tired, nauseous and unconscious,” he said.

“In some cases it can prove fatal. While many homes are aware of the need to have a carbon monoxide alarm, they can be of limited effect as generally people can be overcome by carbon monoxide fumes very quickly so are unable to sound the alarm to call the fire services.”

Mr Dunne said a monitored carbon monoxide alarm is absolutely essential in reducing the risk of Co2 poisoning.

PhoneWatch is the country’s only provider of monitored household carbon monoxide alarms.


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