Pharmacists warn over buying medicine online

Buying prescribed medicines online can be “deadly dangerous”, pharmacists have warned. The Irish Pharmacy Union expressed concern that many medicines purchased online are fake and have potentially lethal health consequences.

“Buying medicines online is deadly dangerous. You don’t know what you are taking or what effect it might have on you,” said Daragh Connolly, a community pharmacist and president of the union .

“There is no quality control on medications you buy online, and there is a strong chance they may be counterfeit,” he said.

“Seized counterfeit medicines have been found to contain rat poison, floor polish, paint thinner and boric acid,” said Mr Connolly.

The only way people could ensure they are taking a genuine, safe product was to buy it from an authorised source.

Mr Connolly said local pharmacists, who only source medicines from authorised suppliers, carry out safety checks before handing any medicine to a patient.

As well as ensuring that medication was suitable for the patient, they check there are no possible drug interactions that might cause a problem.


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