Party-goer had throat slit after crashing car

A man driving a group home from a 21st birthday party in Limerick collided with a parked car and ended up having his throat slit by the vehicle owner, a court heard.

Alan Boohan, aged 34, of Glenogra, Fedamore, pleaded not guilty at Limerick Circuit Court to assault causing serious harm to Eoghan O’Callaghan on the night of September 24, 2001.

Mr O’Callaghan, aged 34, from Fedamore, was at a party in Kilmallock. He met Alan Boohan who asked him to drive his van as he had too much to drink — and Mr O’Callaghan agreed. He got into the driver’s seat and four others including the accused got into the van, with Mr Boohan sitting directly behind him.

Mr O’Callaghan missed a turn-off in Fedamore village and stopped and reversed. In doing so he collided with the front of a parked car. He then got a strange feeling in his neck and a “swipe” sensation. He said Mr Boohan used a blade to cut him across the throat. He received 38 staples and seven internal stitches to the wound.

In reply to defence counsel, Brian McInerney, Mr O’Callaghan said he had about five pints of lager during the party. Mr McInerney put it to Mr O’Callaghan that he had told an earlier hearing at Limerick Circuit Court on June 4, 2014, that he had nine or 10 pints. Mr O’Callaghan replied that maybe he had said that.

Mr O’Callaghan agreed he left the scene of the accident in the van and did not contact the owner of the car he damaged. He further agreed he was involved in another hit-and-run incident in 2006 when he had drink taken and in which Jason Nash, a man travelling with him, died. He was jailed for dangerous driving causing the death of Mr Nash. In relation to the the injury to his throat, Mr O’Callaghan said he did not report this to the gardaí for seven to eight months.

Michelle O’Neill, who was a passenger in the van, said that at one point Alan Boohan leaned up against the driver’s seat and she presumed it was he who slit Eoghan O’Callaghan’s throat. There was a lot of shouting in the van after it hit a wall and a parked car.

In cross examination she said she did not actually see Alan Boohan slit Eoghan O’Callaghan’s throat.

The trial continues.


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