Part of garda’s lip ‘ripped off’ during unprovoked assault

A 27-year-old Ennis man “behaved like a mad man” when carrying out a late night, unprovoked and serious assault on an off-duty Garda.

At Ennis District Court yesterday, Judge Aeneas McCarthy convicted Roy Mounsey, of Castlerock, Ennis, of the assault causing harm of Garda Shane Flanagan at Mounsey’s rented home in the early hours of May 31, 2015.

In evidence yesterday, Garda Flanagan said that Mounsey “behaved like a mad man” when carrying out the unprovoked assault.

In the case, Mounsey — who works as an aircraft mechanic in Shannon and had no previous convictions before yesterday — denied the assault charge.

Garda Flanagan told the court that Mounsey “just snapped and got extremely aggressive”.

Garda Flanagan said that part of his upper lip “was ripped off” as a result of the surprise assault by Mounsey. He said: “I knew I was in a bad way. I didn’t know exactly how bad my injuries were.” Garda Flanagan — who lives in Ennis and is stationed in Gort — said he suffered a number of blows resulting in him having teeth loosened at the front of his mouth and later told by hospital doctors he shouldn’t eat solids for one month.

Garda Maeve Heilan was the first Garda on the scene at 4am on May 31 and she told the court: “It was clear to me that Mr Flanagan had been a victim of a serious assault. There was a large chunk missing from the left side of his upper lip and his face was completely covered in blood.”

The medical report also showed that Garda Flanagan suffered bruising to both eyes and swelling to the right hand side of his jaw.

In evidence, Garda Flanagan said he went back to Mounsey’s home after the local disco with a female friend who knew Mounsey. Garda Flanagan said he didn’t know Mounsey before the night. He said that at the house, Mounsey asked him to go out the front door.

He said: “I thought he wanted a cigarette. We went outside and as I was about to get out my lighter, Mr Mounsey punched me once or twice in the face.

In evidence, Mounsey said he punched Garda Flanagan once in the face in self-defence after the garda lunged at him.

Solicitor for Mounsey, Stephen Nicholas, said there was no rational explanation why Mounsey should assault Garda Flanagan.

In convicting Mounsey, Judge McCarthy said the medical evidence showed there were a number of punches thrown.

He remanded Mounsey on continuing bail for a pre-sentence probation report for court for November 23 next.


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