Pair of Rubberbandits make off with debating society award

A comedy duo who wear plastic shopping bags on their heads for a living have joined a former taoiseach and a Supreme Court judge in being awarded for their contribution to debate in Irish society.

Well known Irish performers The Rubberbandits were honoured at the University of Limerick last night, where they received the distinguished auditors medal from the UL Debating Union.

The award, which bestows honorary lifetime membership status on the recipient, is awarded to people who have made significant contributions to debate and discourse in Irish society.

Previous recipients include the late former taoiseach Garrett FitzGerald and Justice of the Irish Supreme Court Susan Denham.

“The reason we have got this award is because politics and discourse has got to such a state that people who are supposed to be making sense no longer make sense and the man with the bag on his head is the only person making sense,” said Blindboy Boatclub, the marginally more refined of the duo.

“I believe in removing solemnity from all situations because all it does is serve pomposity.

“When you remove solemnity from a situation you can actually see the real issues and you can talk to people’s hearts without any of the bullshit.”

Pair of Rubberbandits make off with debating society award

Mr Chrome — the other half of the comedy act who normally performs topless — couldn’t make last night’s ceremony, as he is studying for a PhD in Malta on the migratory patterns of the Maltese falcon.

“It’s turning out to be quite difficult, because the Maltese falcon isn’t actually a migratory bird,” said his partner.

In his talk to over 50 students Blindboy spoke about the importance of creativity and how it relates to self esteem.

The Auditors Medal was presented to The Rubberbandits on behalf of the UL Debating Union which is over 45 years old.

“At an initial glance it might seem like we have chosen a different recipient but the Rubberbandits have developed a very new age way of discussing current issues in a clever and unique way, that is still simulating discourse,” said UL Debating Union committee member Billy Sutton.


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