PAC to consider tax response

Enda Kenny: told Dáil that whistleblower Gerard Ryan will be protected

The Public Accounts Committee will today consider whether it can ask a number of investigating agencies about what actions they took regarding a whistleblower’s allegations that former politicians were involved in tax evasion.

The whistleblower is to meet Jobs Minister Richard Bruton after his statement was forwarded to gardaí following a two-year delay.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny yesterday told the Dáil that whistleblower Gerard Ryan would be protected.

Mr Kenny said a witness statement by Mr Ryan on the tax evasion claims had been cleared by the Department of Jobs, where he worked, and sent to gardaí.

Mr Kenny said there had been a delay in passing on the report due to retirements. The department said the material was given to the Garda Fraud Bureau and had now been sent on after it was first submitted to the department two years ago.

Mr Bruton’s spokesman said the witness statement by Mr Ryan did not contain anything investigating bodies had not had for several years. The claims have been investigated by gardaí, Revenue, Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement, and two tribunals.

Mr Kenny said he had been briefed on the matters in the claims by Mr Bruton over the weekend.

The tax evasion claims go back decades and are potentially “explosive”, according to sources in Leinster House. While they have been looked at before by gardaí, there are questions why the claims were left in the Department of Jobs for the long period.

The department also confirmed yesterday that Mr Ryan had at one stage been offered a completion bonus worth thousands of euro 10 years ago to finish up his inquiries into the alleged tax evasion by politicians. However, he was never paid the bonus, it was added.

PAC chairman John McGuinness said he and members would seek legal advice on if they could request access to a 763-page file. This was given to then enterprise minister Micheál Martin in 2007, he said.


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