Opel widens car steering safety alert

Car maker Opel has widened its safety warning to Irish customers about steering problems with new Adam and Corsa models to include those registered since February.

About 43 vehicles in Ireland bought since May are already affected, but that number is now set to increase. Opel were unable to give an exact figure as to how many more Irish customers were affected. The car maker said it discovered the fault during routine testing at the vehicles’ production plant and, as far as it was aware, no accident or injury had been caused by the problem. Last month, Opel — owned by US auto giant General Motors — issued an alert throughout Europe concerning new Adam and Corsa cars.

According to the company, the issue is with a part used in the steering column that did not meet company standards. In a statement last night, the company said: “Following on-site investigations at a supplier, Opel is expanding its safety check for Corsa and Adam vehicles back to those registered since February 2014. This is in addition to the vehicles registered since May 2014 that have already been communicated.

“These additional vehicles may also have been manufactured with the steering system part that did not meet specification and should not be driven prior to inspection.”

Customers have been told not to drive their cars and to contact their dealer for an urgent vehicle inspection.

A spokeswoman for the company told the Irish Examiner last night that those affected would be offered free courtesy cars until their vehicles were deemed safe to drive. She was unable to indicate how much this would cost Opel or what the overall cost of the problem was expected to be.

She added: “Across Europe, 9,000 vehicles are affected, of which approximately 1,000 are the additional vehicles from February to May 2014.

“All affected customers will be contacted as a matter of priority. We will be offering free courtesy cars if needed.”

Opel says it was connecting with customers via a number of channels. Owners can find out if their vehicle is affected by going to www.opel.ie/recall.html and following the instructions on the website.

Concerned customers can contact their Opel dealership during office hours (details are available on www.opeldealersireland.ie) or by contacting the AA after hours on 1800 327327.

If a car is affected, the customer will also be automatically contacted by Opel.


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