O’Driscoll second fiddle to Hollywood Huberman

Rugby ace Brian O’Driscoll has revealed he is happy to play second fiddle to his wife as she heads off to film in Hollywood.

The Leinster centre yesterday told of his delight at the sky-rocketing career of his beautiful wife Amy Huberman as she filmed scenes for her pilot comedy in Los Angeles.

He told Ryan Tubridy on 2FM how he is using their time apart to pen his second biography, as he is unhappy with his first book, published seven years ago. “I did a book in 2005 and I look back on it now; I am embarrassed by it. It doesn’t sound like me at all and my voice at all.

“I am enjoying some aspects and I have a ghost writer in Paul Kimmage. He has an innate ability in drawing things out of you that you hadn’t planned on giving away.

“That bodes well for hopefully a good book and a truthful book. I wanted to be able to give a little insight that people hadn’t seen before.”

He joked that he had ruled out the possibility of his author wife penning the sports tome.

“She said to me [that] someone said would she not ghost write [the] book and that every second page would be ‘Oh my God, my wife is so lovely. She is the best in the world.’ ”

On the night before Ireland’s match against France in Paris, which was cancelled, O’Driscoll was by his wife’s side at the Ifta awards, something he was delighted to finally be able to do.

“I have missed a couple of opportunities to go to the Iftas with Amy so, as much as I would have loved to be in Paris, albeit it was a cancelled game, it was great to be able to be in the supporting role with her. Those are big nights for her and it was great for her to be nominated again.”

The private rugby captain said he doesn’t mind posing with his wife on the red carpet at starry premieres and award ceremonies. “I don’t mind it. When you’re pictured with my missus there is always the ugly one in the photo and I can get singled out as that person.

“I know when I have to play second fiddle, which is happening me more and more these days, which is great and it means my wife’s career is on an upward spiral.”

He said the couple are on the phone a few times a day as she is in Los Angeles shooting her NBC pilot show Animal Kingdom.

“She is in LA at the moment and just started filming the pilot yesterday. She was nervous going into it but it was her birthday yesterday so they brought out a cake and everything for her so she said it was lovely and they couldn’t be more welcoming.

“We do FaceTime on the phone. So far it has been a few times a day because she has been around.

O’Driscoll said he did find it excruciating to watch Ireland’s Six Nations games from the sidelines for the first time in 12 years.

“There is no feeling like playing in front of 50,000, 55,000 people, and sometimes it is 80,000, in Croke Park and Twickenham and the Millennium Stadium.

“You have to be philosophical. You realise when you’re out you’re out. No one is irreplaceable.”


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