Number of work visas issued to foreigners set to rise 20%

According to leading migration agents, improvements in the economy and business sentiment are some of the reasons why 2016 is on track to be a record year for the issuing of Irish work permits.

In 2015, 7,353 permits were issued for the year in total, but it is currently estimated this year’s figure will surpass 9,000. said, based on a review of the most recent figures from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, the top five companies /business entities that have applied to bring non-EU citizens to Ireland to work are the HSE, Google Ireland, Intel Ireland, and Infosys BPO Ltd. The nations that feature most prominently are India, Pakistan, the US, Brazil, and Israel.

VisaFirst pointed out that India has four times the number of US applications this year to date.

Edwina Shanahan, manager of, said the increases did not necessarily reflect badly on Ireland.

“While certain companies need to bring staff from other countries to address certain skills shortages in particular areas — this is not necessarily a bad reflection on Ireland. The uptake in Irish work permits is actually an indication of a growing economy.”

“Companies are expanding and while Ireland boasts a great workforce of people with qualifications, talent and experience in many areas — like most countries, there are areas in which we are deficient in terms of specialist expertise,” she said.

She said while this shortage was traditionally in IT and language-oriented positions, there were also skills shortages in quantity surveying, engineering, and the financial services industry.


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