No passport? No problem — if you make the news

A PASSPORT or photo ID isn’t the only way to get on a flight these days — as one of the country’s top business people learned, an Irish Examiner can get you on board too.

Booked as a speaker for a Cork Chamber breakfast briefing, Irish Stock Exchange chief executive Deirdre Somers decided to take a flight from Dublin to Cork.

However when she arrived at the airport she realised she had forgotten to bring a passport or any photo identification.

“The concept of bringing a passport with me on a flight from Dublin to Cork had never occurred to me,” she said.

Realising her mistake, Ms Somers said she began to get quite concerned and so hung back while other passengers queued.

“The girl checking people in was being, as she should be, very official saying well you know if you don’t have any picture ID you can’t travel.”

Then, a complete stranger came up behind Ms Somers and said: “Deirdre are you OK?”

Not recognising the person Ms Somers turned and asked the man if she knew him.

He replied: “I kind of got who you were before but aren’t you in the Irish Examiner today?”

Ms Somers said: “The man then produced the Irish Examiner to the girl on the desk, at which stage the girl looked mortified and said ‘you know it isn’t a valid piece of identification’.”

However another three people came around and added to the chorus: “Ah for God’s sake you’re not going to tell me that the girl can’t get on the flight — she’s in the Irish Examiner today.”

Having got on the flight as a result of this Ms Somers thanked the Irish Examiner for the fact she was able to make her engagement, adding she wasn’t quite clear on how she was going to get back.

“I thought it was just wonderful. It could only happen on the way to Cork,” she added.


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