When you win the lotto in a small village, word spreads fast.

And yet, at the same time, that same sense of community ensures that no one says much to any outsiders looking for the inside line on the identity of the new millionaires.

There were plenty of smiles around Crosshaven yesterday morning, despite the wet weather, as locals shared the news of the €5.6m winning ticket sold in Lynch’s Centra.

But those in the know were coy with the visiting media looking for the scoop. Suggestions that the winner is the daughter of a well-known local businessman were largely met with an exaggerated shrug of the shoulders, or a coy smile.

Conor Middleton, manager at the Centra where the winners bought their Quick Pick ticket on Saturday, said there was a buzz around the supermarket over the past few days.

“There’s been a great excitement,” he said. “There’s been a really great atmosphere around the store since the news broke over the weekend.

There’s been a lot of speculation and a lot of rumours but at this stage I wouldn’t be able to confirm any of those, obviously.

“It’s certainly the biggest win we’ve ever had, we’ve had a couple in the past. We had a €500,000 win a couple of years ago and a couple of €100,000, but this is the biggest one.”

With the Royal Cork Yacht Club within view of the supermarket’s front door, has there been any sightings of new vessels gliding by?

“People are watching closely for that kind of activity but nothing at this stage, it’s early days,” Conor said with a grin.

Across the road from Centra, sitting between the supermarket and where the Owenabue makes its way to the Celtic Sea, locals packed into the Rivers End Cafe to escape the rain and swap rumours over coffee.

Carmen behind the counter said she had heard who had won, but declined to share a name.

“Word came out pretty fast,” she said. “We heard Saturday morning that it was won here in Crosshaven, and I’d say by the afternoon we knew who it was. There are no secrets here.

It’s a nice surprise to hear someone local had won it. The person that won it is a lovely lady. She has a family, with kids, she’s a wonderful lady.

A spokesperson for the National Lottery confirmed the winning ticket holder had been in touch to arrange to collect their windfall. While a date has not been set, it is expected they will make the trip to Lotto HQ by the weekend.

The jackpot win was the largest of three significant Lotto prizes won in Cork in recent weeks.

Last weekend, a syndicate of colleagues in the Supervalu store in Midelton were one number short of winning the jackpot, but took home €219,472, topped by another Cork winner who won the Lotto Plus 2 top prize of €250,000.

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