‘No justice’ as attacker jailed for 18 months

A woman who was subjected to what a judge described as a “savage brutal” attack ran from a court yesterday saying “there is not justice in this court” after her former partner was jailed for 18 months.

The victim, who cannot be named, was stripped naked, dragged into a bathroom and beaten relentlessly.

Her injuries included a fractured cheekbone and three broken ribs.

The 27-year-old assailant pleaded guilty at Limerick Circuit Court to assault causing harm at the home they shared at the time with their two young children.

Judge Tom O’Donnell said violence used in the assault could not be tolerated in any civilised society. He said the victim impact statement made harrowing reading.

The court heard that although the couple’s two children were staying with a relative on the night, they had suffered psychologically after the attack.

Garda Colum O’Shea said he was on duty on St Stephen’s night in 2014, when he was alerted to a disturbance.

On arrival to the house, he was met by a woman who was distressed and had signs of bruising under her eye.

She had been badly beaten by her partner in a prolonged attack after they returned home from a night out with family and friends.

When they arrived home, her former partner began drinking again. He threw a can of cider at her and tossed the contents of her handbag on the floor before smashing her phone with his foot.

The woman was struck several times, had her clothes ripped off, was punched and kicked in the ribs and head before he dragged her into the bathroom and shoved her in the shower, where he pulled down the curtain pole and kicked her on the legs.

She thought he was going to kill her as he turned on the shower, threw shower gel over her and locked the bathroom door, leaving her in the dark.

He returned a short time later, threw clothes at her and forced her to the bedroom. He called her “a tramp and whore” as he kicked and elbowed her. He said he would “fix her” as he used his two fists to punch her to the ground.

The attack was halted when gardaí were alerted by a concerned neighbour.

The couple separated and their planned wedding was cancelled.

The man later told gardaí he lost control and was undergoing anger management classes.

In her victim impact statement, the young mother said her life totally changed.

“I was incapable of caring for my children and I felt degraded. I felt shame and worthlessness for letting it happen. I used to be independent and confident but now I fear it will happen again and I’m worried for my safety. I had to move house but I still suffer to this day.”

After the judge imposed a three-year sentence with the final 18 months suspended, the victim ran from the court saying: “There is no justice in this court.”


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