No funding to fix ‘worst main street in Ireland’

Buttevant's main thoroughfare has been dubbed 'the worst main street in Ireland'.

It’s been dubbed the worst main street in Ireland and the patience of people using it is at breaking point after the NRA (National Roads Authority) said it wouldn’t be making any money available next year to repair it.

Buttevant Community Council maintains in the past year it’s logged 20 cases of injuries to people directly as a result of the undulating, cracked and subsiding road and footpaths.

These have ranged from bruises and cuts to several broken bones.

“Is it going to take somebody losing their lives before something is done about this? It’s the worst main street in Ireland. It’s not just locals who are saying it. When we held a protest last August several commuters and lorry drivers congratulated usbecause they know how bad it is,” community council spokesman Noel Cullen said.

Hundreds of locals marched through the town last August, blocking the main Cork-Limerick road at 5pm rush-hour.

Just days before a lorry parked outside the local national school toppled after its load shifted because of subsidence.

Angry locals said that if it had happened as children were being picked up there could have been carnage.

The protest was reported by the Irish Examiner and despite tailbacks of several kilometres many commuters honked their horns and gave thumbs-up signals to the protesters.

“We are going to have to up the ante after receiving a letter from the NRA saying there’s no funding available for upgrading the streetscape next year. Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears, even though we’ve had meeting after meeting with politicians. More protests are likely,” Mr Cullen said.

The NRA is responsible for the main street and if it had money to upgrade it, it would pay Cork County Council to carry out the work.

However, an NRA official said in a letter to the community council that “there are no resources available” for it to allocate funding for improvements in Buttevant.

“The road and footpaths are already in a dire state and if we get a harsh winter they will deteriorate even further. I can’t imagine what they will be like if we even get funding in 2015 or 2016. It will be like a dirt track,” Mr Cullen said.


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