New road safety markings between Cork and Mallow ‘are extremely dangerous’

Safety markings on one of the busiest roads in Co Cork have been described as extremely dangerous by councillors and council engineers.

The markings have been put down on the orders of TII (Transport Infrastructure Ireland) on the main Cork-Mallow road (N20) and are particularly dangerous on the 2+1 sections.

A 2+1 road is a specific category of three-lane road, featuring two lanes in one direction and one lane in the other, alternating every few kilometres, and separated, usually with a steel cable barrier. TII controls all national primary and secondary roads.

Independent councillor John Paul O’Shea claimed it is a miracle they have not yet caused a serious accident and several other councillors agreed with him.

“Before, as you exited the fast lane on the 2+1 system, both lanes amalgamated into one lane in the centre of the road,” he said. “Now, with this new lining, the fast lane just disappears, leaving motorists with no option but to swerve to the left into what is known as the shoulder lane and back out onto the centre of road again.”

He said he has witnessed several near misses since the new road markings were installed last October and if something isn’t done about them there will be serious repercussions.

Mr O’Shea said that previously at approaches to junctions on N20 and where there is no filter lane available, they are usually marked with an arrow turning to the right which indicates to oncoming traffic there is a possibility of vehicles turning to the right: “These have now all been burned off the road, which in my view will inevitably result in more accidents.”

He said that when he sought an explanation for these changes TII replied stating “it reflects current standards and guidelines”.

“You think they would alert the public to these changes,” said Mr O’Shea. “The Road Safety Authority Safety are having a ‘road signs and marking’s campaign’ in April — over six months after these changes have been made. I think frankly this is appalling.”

Council officials said they are also concerned about the changes and are to highlight them through the council’s social media network.

A TII spokesman said it is liaising with council engineers about complaints.

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