Murder trial shown CCTV footage

The trial of a Lithuanian man accused of murdering a mother and daughter, also from Lithuania, at the Central Criminal Court in Tralee has been shown CCTV footage of his movements on Saturday, June 15, 2013.

Forestry worker Aurimas Andruska, aged 27, of Ardmoniel Heights, Killorglin, has pleaded not guilty to the murders of Jolanta Lubiene, aged 27, and her daughter Enrika, aged 8, at their rented home at 9 Langford Downs, Killorglin, on a date unknown between June 15 and 17, 2013.

Some 500 hours of CCTV footage were analysed by gardaí and the movements of Mr Andruska were captured between 10am and 1.16pm on Saturday, June 15.

He and work colleagues helped return a forestry van to Killarney; shopped; and went to a bottle bank and a bookmakers in Killorglin during this time, the trial heard.

“But there is no footage of Mr Andruska between 1.16 and 5.52pm” on the day, Tom Rice, prosecuting, put it to a garda witness.

Mr Andruska is also seen going to a supermarket on Sunday, June 16.

The trial also heard from an expert at Vodafone. He said the last communication on Enrika’s phone was at 1.32pm on June 15. it was a call from her mother’s phone and lasted 150 seconds.

The last communication from Jolanta’s phone was a text message at 1.44pm, when she would have been on her way home from work, the trial has heard.

Mr Andruska’s work colleague, Aurimas Mockus, told the trial the accused made no secret of going to Jolanta’s house to collect DVDs days before her death.

Mr Mockus, speaking mostly through an interpreter, told how he had at one point lived at 10 Langford Downs, and Mr Andruska had lived at Number 9, along with three other Lithuanians. This was “perhaps 2007”, he said.

In 2009, about 30-40 Lithuanians were living in Killorglin. Five — including Mr Andruska; and Marius Lubys, the husband and father of Jolanta and Enrika — worked in the forestry business. “I got Aurimas Andruska the job in forestry,” Mr Mockus said.

He said he knew the accused and Jolanta had had sexual relations in the days before she died and Mr Andruska had made no secret of that.

Mr Mockus also revealed he deleted some texts to Ms Lubiene when he heard about her death. Everyone in the town was talking about the deaths, he said.

The trial was also told about “inappropriate” texts sent by Jolanta to a work colleague that had made him uncomfortable and which she was spoken to about.

The trial continues.


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