A murder accused told his mother “I fucked up, ma” when he was arrested for stabbing a man over a €100 drug debt, a trial at the Central Criminal Court has heard.

William Gilsenan, aged 24, of The Green, Larch Hill, Oscar Traynor Rd, Santry, Dublin 17, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Edward Fitzgerald, aged 29, in a car park outside the accused’s home on October 17, 2014.

His mother, Marie Gilsenan, yesterday told Caroline Biggs, defending, she got a phonecall from her son that afternoon. He told her he had a fight and stabbed Mr Fitzgerald in the leg and that he was going to hand himself over to gardaí. When she arrived at the house he had called her from, gardaí were already there.

She said she hugged him and he told her: “I fucked up, ma.”

Ms Gilsenan said she knew her son owed Mr Fitzgerald €100 because her son had been worried about it for some time and Mr Fitzgerald often called him looking for his money. On October 5, 12 days before the stabbing, Mr Fitzgerald called to Ms Gilsenan’s home and asked for William. When she told him William did not live there Mr Fitzgerald said: “He owes me money.”

“I told him to take it up with him,” she said. “He said: ‘I will, I fucking will,’ and he sped off up the road.”

Ms Gilsenan said money was “tight” at the time but she called her son and offered to pay €50 of the debt, but he could not afford to pay the balance.

Ms Gilsenan said her son was studying horticulture in Coláiste Dhúlaigh and was a keen footballer. She said he took seriously his responsibilities as the eldest of her children.

Mr Gilsenan’s father, William Kinsella, told Orla Crowe, prosecuting, that he was at home in Cromcastle Avenue when his son arrived soon after the stabbing. He said he seemed like a “headless chicken”, adding: “He was panicked and he was grey. I got the feeling something was wrong. He didn’t seem to know what to do.”

He said William told him about the fight and that he had stabbed someone and accepted he had to hand himself over to gardaí.

Lauren Meehan told Ms Crowe that she was engaged to Mr Gilsenan in 2014 but they have since split. She said she knew about the €100 debt because Mr Fitzgerald had contacted her through Facebook. She agreed with Ms Biggs that he said he wanted his money and he was “getting pissed off”. She told him she would pass on the message.

The trial will continue on Monday.


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