Mr T has lucky escape as four kid goats slaughtered in housing estate

Four kid goats were brutally slaughtered in the back garden of a built-up housing estate and only swift action by the authorities prevented a fifth from suffering a similar ordeal.

Gardaí and animal welfare officers were alerted by neighbours who were disturbed by what they described as “piercing screams” coming from the rear of the terraced council house in Tralee, Co Kerry.

When they arrived at the scene they were shocked to discover four goats dead on the ground beside several blood- soaked implements used for butchering.

One witness later told of seeing blood and animal guts splattered around the garden.

The incident took place in broad daylight in the Balloonagh Estate on the outskirts of Tralee town, last Monday afternoon.

It is understood that three non-Irish nationals were at the location when gardaí and officials from the Kerry branch of the ISPCA swooped.

They were released after being questioned at Tralee Garda Station about illegal butchering activity at an unauthorised premises and the matter is still under investigation.

KSPCA official Harry McDaid said the rescued goat was just four or five weeks old and the animals that were killed were all aged under four months.

The goat that was saved, who has been named Mr T by its carers, is now being looked after at the KSPCA animal shelter in Tralee and a suitable home will be found once it has recovered from the ordeal.

Mr McDaid yesterday described the scene at Balloonagh Estate as “really awful” and said the remains of the four dead goats were removed from the garden in plastic refuse sacks for disposal.

He believes the animals were bought at a fair and kept until they were deemed ready for slaughter.

“Goats are more plentiful now, especially puck goats, and they are being offered for sale alongside horses and chickens and ducks at local fairs,” the KSPCA official said.


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