Motorists should drive energy reduction at home, says AA

Motorists should get more energised about becoming more energy efficient at home to save money, the AA has urged.

The AA was responding to its own poll that found six out of 10 people are struggling to find money to pay for their car running costs.

One in four of almost 1,000 people surveyed said they had considered giving up one or more of their cars.

Almost 60% said they could not go on holiday this year and just over half said they would forgo the purchase of new home entertainment equipment.

Cutting out non-essential household bills, such as their digital TV package, was being considered by 46% while 48% said they would forgo home improvements.

However, AA spokesperson Arwen Foley said cutting back on energy use at home could make all the difference as a few simple changes could save a lot of money.

Ms Foley said windows and doors should be sealed properly and the attic insulated to stop heat escaping.

Boilers should also be serviced regularly to avoid higher energy consumption.

Monitors showing which appliances were draining the most energy were also helpful.

Ms Foley said the energy ratings of appliances on sale should be checked as a higher energy rating reduced running costs.

Appliances should be turned off when not needed and dishwashers and washing machines only used when they are full.

“Another handy tip is to move your fridge away from the stove. The heat means your fridge has to work even harder to keep your food cool and this eats up your electricity,” she said.


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