Motorist feared he was going to be robbed

A motorist driving through Cork City late at night feared he was about to be robbed by a man who jumped out in front of his car and banged the bonnet and shouted at him.

Lee O’Keefe, aged 25, of Cork Simon Community, was charged only with public order charges arising out of the incident and yesterday he was given a three-month suspended jail term.

Inspector Adrian Gamble said the incident occurred at Clarke’s Bridge (pictured), Cork, on September 23, 2017.

O’Keeffe was convicted last week in his absence and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest so that he could be brought to Cork District Court for sentencing. He was convicted in his absence of engaging in threatening behaviour.

Evidence was given of a man driving into town to collect his girlfriend. On his way in, a man jumped over a fence and ran out in front of his car. He started banging on the bonnet of the car and shouting at the motorist who was put in fear.

The driver revved a little to indicate he was going to drive away. He managed to pull in to the side and drive past the young man who was shouting on the road.

Garda Conor Cronin said the motorist made a complaint about what happened. CCTV from Clarke’s Bridge was examined and the accused man, Lee O’Keeffe was identified.

He was prosecuted for engaging in threatening behaviour.

Insp Gamble said an ambulance was called to the scene but O’Keeffe refused to co-operate with paramedics.

Eddie Burke, solicitor, described it differently and said O’Keeffe fell out in front of the car and was hit by the car and the driver drove away.

“He has been doing extremely well in Simon and is due to meet his probation officer,” said Mr Burke.


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