Mother and child died in a stab frenzy

A gruesome litany of injuries suffered by a mother and daughter stabbed to death in their home last year was outlined yesterday by assistant State pathologist Margot Bolster.

She said they were victims of “a sustained and violent attack” during which they received multiple stab wounds including some which severed veins and arteries and penetrated bone.

The mother and sister of Jolanta Lubiene, 27, left a trial at the Central Criminal Court, in Tralee, while Dr Bolster gave her evidence for more than two-and-a- half hours.

Lithuanian Aurimas Andruska, aged 28, of Ardmoniel Heights, Killorglin, Co Kerry, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Ms Lubiene and her daughter, Enrika, eight, in their home at 9 Langford Downs, Killorglin, Co Kerry, between June 14 and 16, 2013.

Ms Lubiene suffered 61 stab wounds, as well as abrasions and incisions. Enrika suffered 11 wounds and other injuries. Dr Bolster, who carried out the autopsies, told of visiting their home and of seeing Ms Lubiene’s body lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor. Enrika was on the upstairs landing.

“There was a large amount of blood splattered and smeared through the utility room and up the stairs,” said the pathologist.

On day 15 of the trial, Dr Bolster suggested Ms Lubiene was first stabbed upstairs, but her initial injuries were not disabling. She went downstairs and towards the back door when she suffered a serious disabling injury which caused her to collapse immediately.

Ms Lubiene was then brought back into the kitchen where the final stab wounds were inflicted. Of the 61 stab wounds, 23 were to her back, but she also had wounds to her chest, abdomen, arms, thighs, and hands, as well as to her neck which were severe, with several penetrating to a depth of 10cm or more.

Ms Lubiene’s mother, Ramute Santiene, and sister, Kristina Kuleviciene, were accompanied by the Federation for Victims Assistance. Both left the hearing during Dr Bolster’s evidence.

The trial continues.


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