More than 200 people set to emigrate every day in 2014

The high numbers leaving Ireland for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Britain, and elsewhere is expected to continue in 2014 at a rate of more than 200 people every day.

The numbers emigrating will drop slightly on last year, according to the Economic and Social Research Institute, which expects 78,000 people to have left the country in the 12 months up to April. This is a small fall on the previous year’s 89,000, but means around 214 people a day will emigrate, compared to 243 people a day last year. While the rate has almost trebled since 2008, the ESRI says the drop is consistent with its forecasts for stronger economic growth and increased employment in 2014.

While more than half of those who emigrated since 2008 have returned, new data shows many choose to make their move abroad more permanent, with a significant rise in the numbers granted longer-term visas, permanent residency, or citizenship.

The numbers on working holiday visas to Australia fell 26% to 19,117 in the 12 months to the end of June, but the number successfully applying to stay for a second year rose 15.2% to 7,300. The number of Irish gaining Australian citizenship in the 12 months to June rose 27.5% to 1,796.


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