Middle-aged Dubs likely to win Lotto

Fancy your luck in the Lotto?

It may increase your chances of winning if you are a middle-aged man living in Dublin.

According to a survey carried out by the National Lottery, seven out of 10 big winners last year were men and, of them, seven out of 10 were at least 45 years old. While most major winners live in Dublin, the biggest win over the past year was made in Carlow.

The survey also shows most jackpot winners are remarkably level-headed and, despite the latest Lotto TV commercial, don’t spash out on islands but prefer to take a sun holiday and share their success with family and close friends.

”I have been very lucky to meet winners and present their cheques over a number of years and have always been struck by how grounded and down to earth Irish winners are as they process what are life transforming prize payouts,” said National Lottery chief executive Dermot Griffin.

To celebrate tonight’s Lotto jackpot, which is expected to reach an estimated €10m, the National Lottery has released details of the anatomy of an Irish winner in 2016, representing a profile of the average person to win big and enter the legendary winners room at the National Lottery headquarters.

It is based on winners’ data across the lottery’s main game formats.

In terms of building a picture of who is winning, winner profile data reveals that almost seven in 10 winners were male in 2016, most aged 45 or over. The biggest representation of winners live in Dublin, with one in four declaring their professional status as “driver”.

According to the survey, Irish lottery winners are very sensible and grounded.

On realising their win, four in 10 winners revealed their “significant other” was the first person they told.

Some had a restless night or two after winning, with one in five admitting they slept with the ticket under their pillow for safe keeping until they travelled to the lottery headquarters in Dublin to claim their prize.

When it came to celebrating the win half of all winners (47.5%) wanted nothing more than to simply share a pint with loved ones.

Though when it came to spending their prize payout on a holiday, the Caribbean with its slow pace of life, beautiful beaches and tropical weather was the top destination for almost half of all Irish winners (47%)

Over 2016 the Lottery paid out more than €200m to 103 players receiving prizes at least €100,000.

The biggest prize payout of the year was a whopping €66,188,316 from a quick pick ticket purchased in Carlow.

Mr Griffin added: ”With the Lotto jackpot set to reach an estimated €10m, I look forward to welcoming many more winners in 2017.”

The Lottery profile was based on data from winners who played and won big in either the Lotto, EuroMillions or DailyMillion games. To date the National Lottery has raised more than €4.9bn.


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