‘Menace’ to suburb jailed over threat to garda during incident

A district court judge yesterday jailed a man for five months, saying he was a menace for people living in the Blackrock area of Cork and, for some reason, had seemed to think he was an important person in that part of the city suburb.

Luke Taylor of Cherry Lawn, Blackrock, pleaded guilty to engaging in threatening behaviour during an incident where he seemed to know a garda, said he knew where he lived, and said he would get him.

Judge Olann Kelleher said of Taylor: “He seems to think he is someone important down there. He is always in trouble there and a menace to the people living there. These threats cannot go on — telling guards he knows where they live and so on.”

Inspector Adrian Gamble said that, at 2.55am on September 15, Garda John Paul Twomey and Garda Linda O’Keeffe responded to a call about suspicious activity in a car parked at Cherry Lawn, Blackrock.

“Occupants of the car were drinking alcohol and all four appeared to be in an intoxicated state,” Insp Gamble told the court.

“Luke Taylor confirmed he was the owner and said he had done nothing wrong and the guard should ‘jog on’.”

“When Taylor realised his car was being seized and a woman in the car was being arrested for another reason he became agitated and aggressive. He shouted “fucking c**ts” and “fucking pigs” at the guards.

“When he was directed to leave, he told gardaí he would sort them out. His house was nearby and he ran into his house. He came out as far as the front door.

“Gardaí could not see what he had but they believed it was a knife.”

Taylor turned directly to Garda Twomey and said: “I know where you live. I will fucking get you, JP.”

He called Garda O’Keeffe “a blond tramp”. The armed support unit called to the scene in response to the call about four people against two gardaí in a situation where Taylor was the main aggressor, the inspector said.

Taylor has previous convictions for assaults.

Defence solicitor Eddie Burke said: “While it was unsavoury, he is only charged with public order offences and they were verbal and not physical. He went to the house. He did not come back down to the scene and he was never charged with carrying a knife.”

Taylor pleaded guilty to being threatening on the night.

Mr Burke said: “He wants to apologise for his behaviour on the night.

“He had a difficult childhood and various addictions, mainly to drink. He took umbrage at the arrest of his girlfriend.”


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