RTÉ presenter Marty Whelan revealed that he wrote his autobiography, That’s Life, while Winning Streak was on its surprise six-month break this year.

“About January time, when Winning Streak wasn’t on, I took to that [writing], I took to filling in the weekends so I did it on the weekends, and obviously during the week sometimes, but from January. It took six months pretty much to do it, I researched it myself,” said the 59-year-old presenter.

Last January, Nicky Byrne’s Million Euro Challenge took over the Saturday night game show slot on RTÉ One, with Winning Streak being moved to the summer. The Million Euro Challenge failed to attract the 300,000 viewers that Marty and his co-presenter Sinead Kennedy enjoyed and, in a role reversal, Winning Streak will now continue into the autumn, replacing Byrne’s show.

Sinead Kennedy and Marty Whelan
Sinead Kennedy and Marty Whelan

“We knew it was coming back. It was coming back initially for a summer run and now it’s continued into the autumn and my wish is that it continues,” said the Lyric FM presenter last night at his book launch. When asked about Nicky Byrne’s show being replaced by Winning Streak he said people love to spin the famous wheel.

A host of well-known Irish faces turned out to support Marty at the launch of That’s Life in Dublin’s Trocadero restaurant.

Celebrity solicitor Gerald Kean was in attendance, as were some of Marty’s RTÉ colleagues, such as Nationwide presenter Mary Kennedy. Marty’s wife Maria and their two children Thomas and Jessica were also there in support.

Marty explained that his memoir was not about airing any dirty laundry.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone, that’s not what I’m about, that wouldn’t be my style. I wouldn’t write a book that people should be worried about because it’s not my upbringing, it’s not me,” explained the father-of-two.

After almost four decades in show business, which included a two-year departure from the national broadcaster to Century Radio, Marty said that his biggest lesson is “positivity”.

Marty Whelan wrote autobiography in breaks on ‘Winning Streak’

“You’ve got to go with the punches. I’ve been in this 35 years so I’ve learned it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a kick in the bum when it [change] happens but it’s my old philosophy — pick yourself up and get back in the race.”

“So if I’ve learned anything that’s it, positivity and I don’t want to sound cliched but there are no options because if you don’t get back in the race you’re finished,” said the presenter.


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