Martens’ 911 call ‘distinctly calm’

The prosecution in the case of the father and daughter charged with the murder of an Irish businessman want to present statements from a member of the 911 emergency team who said the call made about the fatal incident was “surprisingly calm”.

The prosecution’s first witness is understood to be a 911 emergency services operator who took the call from Jason Corbett’s father-in-law Thomas Martens in the early hours of August 2, 2015.

Meanwhile, jury selection dragged for a sixth day yesterday . By lunch, one out of two alternate jurors was selected. And despite going through more than 10 potential jurors yesterday afternoon, no second alternate juror was chosen.

In fact, the jury pool had shrunk to just one person, and Judge David Lee of Davidson Superior Court had to tell the juror he would have to come back at 9:30 am today because there has to be a larger jury pool to pick from.

“That’s fine,” the juror, an older man, said.

Jason Corbett, 39, was found bludgeoned to death in the early morning hours of August 2, 2015 at his home in the Meadowlands, a golf-course community in Davidson County. He lived there with his second wife, Molly Corbett, and his two children, Jack and Sarah, from his first marriage.

Now, Molly Corbett, 33, and her father, Thomas Martens, 67, a former FBI agent, are on trial for second-degree murder in his death. Molly Corbett and Martens are claiming self-defence and the defence of others.

Two jurors were dismissed because they work at Multi Packaging Solutions in Lexington, where Jason Corbett was plant manager.

One juror said he has only been with the company eight months but at the time of Jason Corbett’s death, he had friends who worked at Multi Packaging Solutions.

Now that he works there, he hears about Jason Corbett all the time.

“There’s not a day that goes by that Jason’s name is not mentioned,” he said. “Everybody liked Jason.”

The second juror was dismissed immediately when she mentioned she worked at Multi Packaging Solutions.

Another juror was dismissed because prosecutors said she scratched out an answer to a question about whether she had any experience with domestic violence.

In court, the woman said she was a victim of domestic violence by an ex-husband, who beat her so bad that her lung collapsed. Assistant District Attorney Ina Stanton made a motion to dismiss her for cause but Lee denied it. Stanton then used a peremptory challenge to dismiss her.

Several other jurors were dismissed because of hardship. One woman who is pursuing a degree said she could not afford to miss any of her classes because she had paid for them herself.

“I’m a bit of a perfectionist for school,” she said.

If the last alternate juror is picked Tuesday, opening arguments then can begin.

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