Man’s right eyeball lacerated in ‘glassing’

A young man’s right eyeball was lacerated when a man struck him with a glass on a Christmas night out. The assailant was remanded in custody yesterday for sentencing on December 15.

Detective Garda Colin Greenway said the 22-year-old injured party, Mark Flynn, and his friend went to the smoking area of the Savoy Centre last St Stephen’s night and approached a young man and two women for a light.

One of the girls was giving him a light when the accused, Jordan O’Donovan, blew out the lighter three or four times.

The detective said Jordan O’Donovan, 20, initiated a physical altercation out of what started verbally and he struck the injured party in the face with a glass in his hand. This altercation was very brief, but the injury was very severe consisting of a laceration to the eyeball, which is visibly scarred.

The injured party described the vision in that eye as being comparable to being underwater.

The detective said the injury had a huge effect on the life of Mr Flynn and his family.

Jordan O’Donovan, of 20, Willow Bank, Fairhill, Cork, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing serious harm to Mark Flynn.

When Mr Flynn spoke of the impact that offence had on his life, Sinead Behan, defence barrister, expressed her client’s apology.

The injured party said: “I appreciate the apology. That cannot change anything. The damage is done. It has made a mess of my life.”

Det Garda Greenway explained that Mr Flynn was working as a security guard and studying leisure management. But due to the injury he was not able to take up the course again.

Ms Behan said O’Donovan had a difficulty with alcohol and cannabis at the time. He was overwhelmed when he saw himself when CCTV was shown to him.

“He was horrified by what he saw. He has taken steps to deal with his problems and is due to complete a 12-week residential treatment programme,” the defence barrister said.

The defendant offered €6,000 as a gesture of compensation but the injured party was not interested in the money. Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin asked him to consider his attitude to the money between now and December 15.

The judge accepted there were many favourable factors for the accused, notably that he was genuinely and instantly remorseful and had no previous convictions. The aggravating factor was the use of a glass.


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