Man who found human remains in garden living in 'own horror movie’

A man who lives next door to a cemetery says he fears finding hundreds of human remains in his front garden.

Frank Taaffe, who lives next to Monknewtown cemetery, near Slane in Co Meath, never knows what he will discover next when he leaves his house each morning.

He has recently discovered various body parts, including fragments of a skull on his lawn, after part of the dividing wall between his house and the graveyard collapsed.

He is now worried decomposed bodies could come tumbling on to his property at any moment.

According to Mr Taaffe, the problems began almost 20 years ago but has worsened recently.

“That was when it all started, there was seriously heavy and prolonged rainfall and the ground was completely saturated which pushed the wall out,” said Mr Taaffe.

“At that point Meath County Council were in touch to say they would rebuild it, but the next thing I was told was the funds were diverted to a different project at the other end of the county and I have heard nothing since.

“It has got progressively worse since then as part of the wall has fallen, exposing human remains and bones, we had to pick a large piece of a human skull up off our garden the other week, and as far as I am concerned it’s only a matter of time until the graves start moving, it’s like living in my very own horror movie to be honest about it.”

There is also a dangerous element to what is fast becoming a farcical situation.

“That wall could collapse at any time, and when the grandchildren are around in our house we can’t let them out to play, it could easily come down on top of them before they could react,” he said.

“They can see the funny side of it and they knock great fun out of looking at the bones when they do come tumbling down, but there is a serious side to it as well.

“I just want the council to fix it, I would do the job myself but if I did anything wrong the council would be down on me like a tonne of bricks.”

Meath County Council were contacted but did not make a comment.


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