Man tried to force anal sex on woman, court told

After having consensual intercourse, a man tried to force anal sex on a woman he had a child with, telling her she would like it and would ask for more, a court heard.

The woman told Limerick Circuit, after a struggle he asked her “who owns your ass?” and she said “you do” and he then ejaculated on her face.

Later, he tried to get her to give him oral sex.

The man has pleaded not guilty to two charges of sexual assault.

In evidence, the woman said the accused resented the fact she had kept contact with her former partner, with whom she also had a child. The accused told her he did not want her to have any more contact with this man.

She met the accused when they both worked at the same business in Limerick.

As her new relationship with the accused developed, they had a child.

The accused then began to go off for periods of time.

In December 2012, the accused returned and stayed for a few weeks before leaving on St Stephen’s Day.

He arrived back again on January 26, 2013, with wine, flowers, and chocolates.

They then went to bed and had consensual sex.

After going to the bathroom she returned to the bedroom to find the accused’s mood had changed.

He then forced himself on her and tried to have anal sex. He asked her to speak dirty things to him. She struggled for a period and tried to wriggle her way from under the accused. She was face-down and he was on top of her. During the struggle, he slapped her face a number of times. He kept asking her who owned her ass and she said “you do”. At that, he stopped hitting her.

The next morning, the accused left and made contact through texts during the day.

When he returned that night, she wanted to talk about what happened the previous night and expected him to apologise. He told her all he wanted was oral sex.

As she sat on a couch he dropped his trousers and underpants and tried to put his penis into her mouth. He became angry.

When she said they needed to talk, he said he did not come to talk and pulled down her pants twice. She said: “He kept pushing his penis into my face and I kept pushing my mouth away.”

The accused stopped when she told him a friend was due to call.

The trial continues.


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