Man steals sheep dip to treat rash on his dog

The owner of a Jack Russell was so concerned about getting treatment for a persistent rash on the dog’s belly that he broke into a farm supplies store to steal sheep dip.

Gardaí were alerted to the burglary and found the dog owner hiding in the attic of the premises with a packet of the sheep dip compound in his pocket.

When Jonathan Hennessy was interviewed by gardaí about the crime he said: “It has a rash on its belly. I’ve tried loads of different things on it. I don’t like to see the dog suffer.”

Jonathan Hennessy, 33, of 4 Heatherton Park South Douglas Road, Cork, pleaded guilty to the charge of entering the premises as a trespasser and stealing the sheep-dip material.

Eddie Burke, solicitor, said Hennessy’s Jack Russell had a bad skin rash and he brought him to the vet who prescribed an antibiotic and steroids.

When the condition did not clear, he brought him back to the vet who said he could not give the dog the same medications as it could damage his immune system.

The vet suggested to Hennessy that he get his dog some sheep dip.

The defendant went to a number of chemists enquiring about getting sheep dip and he said they only laughed at him.

However, one pharmacist suggested that he go to McLoughlin’s agricultural supplies near Kent railway station in Cork.

Hennessy arrived there at 1.30pm to find it was closed for lunch.

The defendant went around to a side door which he found was open and left himself in. He found the substance he was looking for on a shelf and he took it.

Gardaí arrived and Inspector Mary King said yesterday that they found him hiding in an attic in the premises. He took the stolen property out of his pocket and handed it back when he was arrested.

Insp King said the defendant had a number of previous convictions but he had not been in trouble since 2012.

Judge Con O’Leary said that in all the circumstances he would dispose of the case by a €100 fine.


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