Man sexually assaulted ex-partner’s daughter, 13

Six women and six men took four hours to find a Corkman guilty of sexually assaulting his ex-partner’s daughter on occasions when she was only 12 to 13 years old.

David Buckley, aged 32, of 4 Convent Rd, Doneraile, Co Cork, denied the sexual assaults which he carried out between December 2009 and March 2011 at his then partner’s home in another area in Co Cork.

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin remanded Buckley in custody for sentencing at the February sessions of Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

The jury delivered 11-1 majority verdicts on five sexual assault counts and a further 10-2 majority verdict on another.

They found him not guilty of a seventh sexual assault and not guilty of a sexual exploitation charge and a count attempting to engage in sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 15.

Imelda Kelly, prosecuting, said the victim had no difficulty with the accused being identified but she did not want to be named.

She said he gave her vodka when she was 13 years old and that the sexual assaults started with him French kissing her and then touching her on the behind and on her breast.

Ms Kelly said there was a pattern of behaviour where the alleged sexual assaults increased in seriousness over time.

The accused man testified at Cork Circuit Criminal Court: “Nothing ever happened. I never kissed her. I never done nothing to that girl. That [what she alleged] is a load of lies.

“The only time I was ever in the bedroom was when I was painting it,” he said.

Dermot Sheehan, defending, asked the accused, “Did you give her vodka?”

He replied, “I wouldn’t go near vodka… I drink Dutch Gold.”

He said that the complainant — his ex-partner’s daughter — went out drinking with her friends when she was aged 12/13. He was in a relationship with the complainant’s partner at that time.

Ms Kelly suggested that the dynamic of the relationship between the defendant and his partner’s daughter blurred and resulted in this sexual activity. He denied this.

Evidence was also given to the jury from a memo of interview the defendant had with the gardaí:

“You used your tongue and kissed her?”

“That never happened. My kids were always beside me,” he said.

“Would you ever flirt with her?”

“No, she was only a child.”

“You kissed her in her bedroom and put your fingers in her vagina?”

“That did not happen. The only time I was ever in her bedroom was to paint it.”

“You put your hand up her top and squeezed her breast?”

“No I was never in a room on my own with her… [In relation to another allegation] That’s a load of bullshit. If I ever interfered with a child I wouldn’t be here today.”


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