Man hit on back of head crossing road

A middle-aged man minding his own business crossing the road was struck on the back of the head and fell to his knees, the victim stated yesterday.

Inspector Ronan Kennelly said the injured party turned to see his assailant standing over him with a Budweiser glass in his hand. The injured party said he had felt a blow from a hard object in the back of the head.

Noel Sutton, aged 58, of 15 Church St, off Shandon St, Cork City, pleaded guilty at Cork District Court yesterday to assault causing harm to John O’Flaherty.

Mr O’Flaherty, aged around 50, had to get three stitches to one head wound and had to be treated for a wound to his forehead, which was closed with medical glue.

Insp Kennelly said the incident occurred on May 8, 2016, as Mr O’Flaherty was crossing Shandon St.

“He was hit in the back of the head with something hard. He fell to his knees. He identified the aggressor as Noel Sutton and said he was holding a Budweiser glass in his hand. Mr O’Flaherty was bleeding heavily from his head. He was taken to hospital by ambulance.”

Frank Buttimer, defending, said while the accused was pleading guilty to assault causing harm, some of the facts as outlined by the inspector were disputed.

In a victim impact statement, Mr O’Flaherty said: “I was minding my own business going along the street. I got a belt in to the back of my head.”

Mr Buttimer said Sutton lived nearby and was at home when his window was smashed in on top of him.

The solicitor said, “There is a licensed premises nearby. Mr Sutton immediately left his home. The only person he encountered was the injured party. Rightly or wrongly, he made an assumption about the injured party — the injured party is not accused of anything like that — I am just putting it in context in terms of his [Sutton’s] state of mind.

“Also he denies having any glass or anything like that. He is 58 years old and living alone. He regrets what happened to Mr O’Flaherty.”

Judge Kelleher said Sutton could do 150 hours’ community service instead of four months in prison.


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